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Oscar Cichlid

We personally love Oscars! We carry every Oscar that's available on the market today including long fin Oscars which are gentle giants if you ask us. Oscar fish belong to the cichlid family and are known by the scientific name Astronotus ocellatus. The life span of Oscar fish is generally 10 – 13 years.
Oscars do best with a water temp of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. We also recommend water changes every 7 days of at least 35 percent. We recommend a larger tank as your Oscar grows. The ideal size tank would be a 55 gallon aquarium for two Oscars. Although some people say not to mix Oscars with other tank mates we disagree. We personally have one of the largest Oscars you have ever seen and he has 5 tank mates all different species. We recommend getting a young Oscar 1-2 inches like what we carry and letting them grow up with their tank mates to deter aggression and territory issues. We also recommend not purchasing live feeder fish from other pet shops, the reason being is they are filled with parasites and are very poorly cared for. You wouldn't want to eat a steak that you knew came from a sick dying cow. We offer live feeder fish as well as other foods that are the best for your Oscar! We are very knowledgeable when it comes to fresh water fish and even more so when it comes to Oscars.
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