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Gourami - Anabantoid
The word anabantoid is a Greek word meaning to "travel up". Because these fish go to the top of the water to take a breath of air. Anabantoids are fish that have a breathing organ called the 'Labyrinth' organ. This organ has lots of folded membranes and is rich in blood so it allows the transfer of oxygen from the water to the animal’s blood stream and the carbon dioxide from the fish to the water. By having this organ the fish can survive in very poor quality water that is low in oxygen. But we don't ever recommend leaving a fish in bad living conditions.
We carry over 50 types of Gourami, some of the most popular we carry, Albino Heart Tattooed Osphronemus Gourami, Black Paradise Gourami, and so much more. These fish come in a variety of colors and sizes with fan tail, fancy, dwarf and so many other options you can’t go wrong with a beautiful BaWoW Gourami.
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