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Flowerhorn Cichlid

Flower Horns are a unique Cichlid fish with a very interesting behavior, temper and completely unusual appearance. Flower Horns are very hard to breed due to their aggressive behavior. FlowerHorns are a Hybrid, meaning different fish were bred to create this beautiful fish. You should know that flowerhorns don't get their bright colors and the males don't get their large bumps on their head until sexual maturity is reached; keep that in mind when purchasing a juvenile. They need a larger tank, we recommend at least a 55 gallon tank when full grown. They like rearranging their tank and destroying decorations as well; so don't get your heart set on your aquarium decor looking a certain way when they have their own interior aquarium design plan in mind.
Flowerhorns will even attack you and bite you when maintaining the aquarium. To decrease their aggressiveness a large tank is required with a lid / cover.
We don't recommend having any tank mates with flowerhorns due to how aggressive they are, when they are small you might be able to get away with putting them with other fish but as they grow in size to their sexual maturity their aggression will get worse and worse. We carry over 10 types of flowerhorn cichlids including the Red Dragon Flowerhorn, Magma Flowerhorn, and our best seller the Blue Diamond Flowerhorn. This isn't the right fish for every one. But if you want a loner aggressive fish this is the fish for you.

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