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Discus Cichlid

We could write a 3 page essay about Discus cichlids but we will keep it short. They are amazing!
Although we don’t recommend Discus fish for beginners if you learn about their care these are one of the most beautiful fresh water fish on the market. Discus fish are found in the Rio Solimoes, Rio Amazonas and the Rio Putumayo-Iça in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Considered the King of the freshwater aquarium, the discus is hard to find and picky in its water conditions like we said not for the beginner as specialized tank and water parameters are needed to maintain them in good health. Today the different colors of the Discus can beat any marine fish. All of the new and exciting fish we have today came from pretty but not BaWoW inspiring stock. In the wild this species has three subspecies which are distinguished by their coloration. Most of our beautiful and Bawow colors have been breed from these original fish. If you’re up to the task there are many color varieties available from specialized breeders. We carry 8 different types of Discus. Please contact us if you are interested in leaning more about them and we will be happy to help.

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