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Danio & Minnow

Danios and Minnows are small, active schooling fish well suited for the community aquarium. These hardy fish are most often used to cycle a new aquarium as they are more tolerant of a wide range of water conditions. Danios and Minnows are also used in aquariums to help bring more reclusive species out into the open. Perfect fish for beginners. These are the perfect fish for kids that love watching your aquarium. We have a few and the kids can sit for hours watching them zoom back and fourth. Not only are these fish very active but their colors are amazing. They come in a large variety of colors and shapes. We carry a very large selection of Danios and almost always have them in stock. Some of the best sellers we carry are the Zebra Danio, Longfin Pearl Danio and our favorite the Long fin Leopard Danio. These fish are inexpensive and love to be in large groups.
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