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Bichir Polypterus

The Senegal Bichir-Polypterus is sometimes called the "dinosaur eel” also called "Dinosaur Bichir" or "dragon fish”. They are native to Africa. A wonderful primitive fish that has remained remarkably unchanged since fossils. Fossils of the Bichir found dating back to the Mesozoic period. If truly prepared for the responsibility of its predatory habits, the fish can be successfully introduced into communities of larger fish. They are escape artists, able to use their limb like fins and powerful tails to launch themselves from their tank, and since they are quite mobile on land when they do escape, there is no guarantee you’ll find them near the tank they left behind. A note of caution though, they can be out competed at feeding times by faster more visually oriented fish. Make sure these fish get their share of the food. This is a good beginner fish for those wishing to start with larger predator fresh water fish. They are tolerant of a number of conditions and their primitive lungs enable them to survive in deoxygenated water for limited periods. For adult Bichir a 150 gallon tank is recommended. Plants and decor will be appreciated as this ambush predator will feel happier if allowed places to hide.
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