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Barbs are active, hardy and colorful fish. They are all schooling species that do best if kept in groups of at least five or more, so keep that in mind when considering purchasing these fish. You want to choose tank mates that can deal with these guys being active and goofy. Barbs are a semi aggressive fish, but they will typically leave most other fish in a community aquarium alone. They do have a habit of chasing down and nipping at the tails of slower fish, but keeping them well fed will prevent this behavior. Keeping them in a school of their own kind will also deter aggression. Tiger barbs are the most common type of Barb but there are other barbs which are smaller and have a very different body shape such as the cherry barb. These fish are omnivores and will typically eat any fish food they are offered. They are a great addition to any tank if you want an active fish. There are over 100 types of Barbs. Please let us know if you’re looking for a certain one and we will get them in for you.
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